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AFX Skyline Project

November 5, 2009

Whew what a night, I stayed up a wee bit late shooting this project. However this was by far the funnest one yet and overall the most time consuming and satisfying. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to create and control all aspects of what I’m shooting. I’ve shot a lot of action sports so I know what it’s like to sit in the elements waiting to be ready for the shot but here I’m in control not Mother Nature. I literally had to man the car, the fog and the camera all at the same time. An extra set of hands would have been great but I made do. A very fun project and at times very frustrating as there were many missed shots but thanks to years of video games and fast reflexes I got a few shots I was happy with. Check it…

AFX Skyline 1 - © Bryce Casselman Photo

I so wish I had got one of these shots in my field of focus.

AFX Skyline 2 - © Bryce Casselman Photo

Next up is a “posed shot”. It’s shots like this that would have kept me up all night if I tried stopping the action, which I did but settled for this.

AFX Skyline 3 - Bryce Casselman Photo

This one is probably my favorite as its one that took a lot of trial and error to get right. The focus field was set coming out of the hair pin so timing was everything and the smoke show (fog) had to be just right. I think it works well.

AFX Skyline 4 - © Bryce Casselman Photo

Yet another poser of the Nissan Skyline, you can tell the posed shots as the lights are not on. The car is a 1:64 scale slot car replica of Hasemi Motorsport by TOMY AFX. Not the greatest detail but perfect for a macro action project.

AFX Skyline 5 - © Bryce Casselman Photo

Ok now I’m not some genius videographer and my iMovie software is soooo bad but I did throw together clips of the hairpin shot. It’s a bit cheesy but gives you an idea of the trial and error I was talking about. I hope you have 33 seconds to spare…

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