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Master of Puppets

November 11, 2009

Whether your a Metallica fan or not I hope you can enjoy this post. I’ve had this box set of Mcfarlane characters for awhile now sitting in yet another box in the garage. I’m really not into displaying it on my mantle and pressing the music button so I can rock out an air guitar in my ginch so I decide to photograph it instead. With the roll I’ve been on lately shooting a ton of figures and cars it was a good time to give it a go. Things were coming along until my tripod broke so I only go a few photos in that were ok. If you saw my previous post then you know what came next, yes the trusty iPhone & Best Camera App. I did manage to squeak in a last minute shot before heading to bed though, scroll down, I saved it for last. Thanks for reading and if can spare 56 seconds, check out the vid as well. Enjoy!

Metallica - © Bryce Casselman Photo-1

Metallica - © Bryce Casselman Photo-2

Metallica - © Bryce Casselman Photo-3

I’m not to stoked on the neck & arm lines of James Hetfield kinda takes away from the photo. I’m not really into photoshopping so I’ll take what I got for now.

Metallica - © Bryce Casselman Photo-4

Metallica - © Bryce Casselman Photo-5

Metallica - © Bryce Casselman Photo-6

Metallica - © Bryce Casselman Photo-7

and last but not least the one I shot using my back-up tripod before hitting the hay.

Metallica - © Bryce Casselman Photo-8

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